Leisa Coffman is a Writer, Director and Producer. She has worked in many aspects of the entertainment industry through the publishing of books and production of films in years past. She feels fortunate to have worked alongside truly talented individuals that taught her skills that no formal institution could teach. This fact alongside her natural abilities is what helped her find her true passion. Leisa since has written and directed several short films that received accolades from award winning industry leaders. She is currently working on a script for her first feature film.

She was inspired to write The Chestnut Tree script after reading an updated reissue of a Life Magazine tribute to Anne Frank in the spring of 2021. She found a tenderness and a genuine affection for Anne and Peter's love story and how they found refuge in one another. Though Anne kept intimate details out of her diary regarding their love story and relationship, Leisa was inspired to write a fictional storyline.



Leisa Coffman


In only moments after reading the magazine's tribute Leisa was inspired to compose a song and then later a script. The song bears the same title as the film, which is also weaved artistically into the film. Leisa said her delay of ever reading Anne's diary in all these years came from the emotional pain she felt with the mere thought of such a horrific event that affected a young life who's desire to live was so great. The magazine she purchased was for a friend that she later learned who had already purchased it and Leisa knew then that the magazine was for her and it was finally time to read her story.


Leisa is excited for the world to see the film. Her purpose for the film is to bring to the forefront issues concerning the type of racism from the Holocaust that still systemically exists in the world today. Leisa says, "Brielle and Greyson brought forth a delivery of my script in the way I had anticipated and more. Their chemistry together along with their incredible talent and love for the project brought forth something incredibly beautiful. I am excited of all the possibilities that a short film can be in the long run. The storyline does not focus on the hate that existed but rather the resilience of the human spirit to continue seeing the love, laughter and light in darkness and despair. This project is larger than all of us and I truly believe that with all of my heart."